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Testimonials from our members:

Jay, I have to say, CCEF is proving to be very helpful to me. The cases you send are exactly the thing need to see. Keep up the good work." – David B. Warshaw, Esq. - Pressler & Pressler LLP, 12/14/17

Jay, as I mentioned, this is the best money I spend" – Donald T. Dunning - The Dunning Law Firm, 10/1/17

I thought the policies and procedures you provided for me were invaluable in attracting new business and getting approved by vendor management. I believe that my organization has the ability to grow because it sets us apart from the competition inasmuch as we are more organized and have a sense of sophistication. If you ever want to put together a committee of CCEF members to discuss and implement any other policies and procedures that will help our industry, please keep me in mind. Again, thank you." – Marc S. Lichtman
- Lichtman Eisen Partners, Ltd., 6/4/17

Jay Winston is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker when he spoke to the Kansas Creditor Attorney Association's CLE on February 15, 2016. He gave an extensive, exhaustive, and comprehensive overview of the #1 Demand Letters and Bona-Fide Errors Defense courses. KCAA is immensely grateful for Jay's enlightening presentation and superior knowledge of FDCPA. " – Robert Choromanski
- KCAA Vice President

Jay is very thorough and has an amazing knowledge of collection laws. I highly recommend him for letter reviews." – Dan G. Young
- Jenkins, Wagnon & Young, P.C. 2/5/16

The playbook for 2015 collection practice changes daily. CCEF keeps the professional in the game with daily national case reports and other professional member benefits. CCCEF is not selling Snake Oil, but real educational services from an industry leading attorney. I would recommend this product for the collection practitioner to help them to grow the business, and not simply add to non-productive overhead." – Richard Roosen
- Richard Roosen, Roosen, Varchetti & Oliver, PLLC

I just got a case dismissed in Florida because I read your email about an identical case that had just been dismissed. Your email was incredibly timely and was enormously helpful. Thank you!
- Susan Johnston, Enthusiastic Member/Subscriber

Davis and I agree that we are actually getting more out of CCEF than we thought we would!
- Winn Davis Brown, Jr. (About 30 days after joining)

…You do an incredible thing with your newsletters. The fact is that many of our customers treat your newsletter as a secret weapon that enables them to stay ahead of the curve. It is truly an amazing thing that you are able to condense decisions into such succinct terms that all of my team can understand and process without the proper legal education. It's easy to communicate "the new rules" with the team, but when they are able to understand why the new rules were put in place, it enables our organization to take a further step forward and prepare ourselves for issues that have not yet developed. We see what's coming because you explain so well what's happening right now.
- Justin Savage, Founder & CEO of EveryBill

I am very happy with my membership in CCEF. They have done a wonderful job keeping its members up to date on current FDCPA cases and Consumer Fininacial Protection Bureau bulletins, laws and regulations. It is a great resource for anyone involved in creditors rights. The regular updates of important consumer laws and cases saves our firm a lot of time and money.
- Kyle Cooper, Greene & Cooper, LLP.

Thank you for presenting at our meeting on Friday. Based on feedback from the attendees, your presentation was a highlight of the day.
- Ohio Creditor's Attorneys Association on Jay Winston

I enthusiastically support Jay Winston and the work that the CCEF is doing. He has vast knowledge and an incredible command of what is going on in the industry and the challenges that we face in our practices. As a solo creditor’s attorney, I greatly appreciate his genuine desire to educate and the ongoing support and peace of mind that CCEF provides. His letter review program is an absolute must! Jay Winston and CCEF provide a tangible and practical go to resource that any collection firm will find well worth the investment. I can only imagine the amount of time and money I have saved from membership in CCEF.
- E. Hope Greenberg, Law Office of E. Hope Greenberg

I have been a member of CCEF for about two (2) years and I have their case law updates and instructional materials to be invaluable to me and my staff. It enables my Law Firm to keep up to date with trends and current developments. I would highly recommend CCEF to every collection firm in the industry.
- Barry A. Friedman, Barry A. Friedman & Associates, P.C.

Jay Winston's CCEF has tremendously helped our law firm in the practice of collection law. In my own opinion I would have to say that the forum offers cutting edge information with regard to creditor's rights and consumer law. The CCEF has also been our firm's lifeline on numerous occasions. As opposed to the many other types of professional memberships that exist, the CCEF has paid for itself.
- Richard Roosen, Roosen, Varchetti & Oliv
er P.L.L.C.

I met Jay at NARCA in DC and signed up with him to help with my letters. He is constantly updating me with cases and insights to avoid potential problems. He is an invaluable source of legal research and process improvement for small and mid-size ARM firms.
- David Kennedy Bifulco, Bifulco and Associates, P.C.

- Lawrence Rolfe, Rolfe & Lobello, P.A.

My office has found the information provided to be very helpful. Frankly, I do not have the time to do all of the research that is provided. The regular updates and warnings have helped us with our clients and with our own internal handling of matters. I recommend the service to any attorney that handles consumer claims or has or represents collection attorneys or collectors.
- Stephen Elggren, Elggren & Peterson, P.C.

Jay Winston and CCEF are my favorite source of "breaking" case law, and his frequent emails on both good and bad decisions keep me posted on legal trends in California and the nation. I have and will continue to recommend CCEF to my friends and "friendly competitors."
- Brian Winn, Winn Law Group, APC

The daily e-mails with case updates alone are worth the cost of the membership.
- Joe Shur, Relin, Goldstein & Crane, L.L.P.

I appreciate CCEF's daily case law updates and succinct synopsis. Very helpful and easy to digest. CCEF's library of cases that are available upon request have helped me make better business necessions Our membership investment has been money well spent! Membership is an excellent value.
- Lydia Fippin, Nelson & Kennard

It is worthwhile to have this as an additional resource. We endeavor to stay ahead of the next trend and this will further enable our success....This is valuable.
- Todd E. Houslanger, Houslanger & Associates, PLLC

I just wanted to say that Jay Winston through his CCEF Group does an excellent job of reviewing all relevant FDCPA and TCPA cases and summarizing their main points. His letter review and other consulting services are also valuable.If you want to be kept comprehensively informed about important new case law there is no substitute for his services.The price of membership is quite reasonable.
- Keith H. Rothman, ESQ., Rubin & Rothman, LLC

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For those businesses involved in the extension of credit or the collection of debt, you already know that two serious risks are lurking in the background of your day-to-day operations.

  • Litigation due to FDCPA or other statutory violations, resulting in large settlements, awards, lost time, and injury to reputation.
  • Auditing by clients or government agencies like the CFPB, resulting in lost clients or substantial fines.

Professionals in our industry will generally turn to one of a few sources for advice as to these risks, but they have their problems.

  • Trade organizations – They tend to provide little practical advice out of fear of malpractice.
  • Conferences, classes, or treatises – Sporadically and infrequently updated in the areas of regulation and case law that are constantly changing.

The Credit & Collection Education Forum was created in response to industry need. CCEF is an educational resource, not a trade organization – we offer practical advice. And as an online resource, CCEF can provide real-time updates.

What does CCEF offer to help your business?

  • A library of sample policies that your office should have in place that will demonstrate to regulators that you treat compliance seriously and help your business to raise a bona fide error defense to compliance violations.
  • Timely updates on new caselaw and other important developments regularly provided to members by Jay Winston, president of CCEF, co-author of treatise The Complete Guide to Credit and Collection Law, and partner of the law firm Winston & Winston, P.C. Don't wait to discover a case months later.
  • FDCPA testing and certification for staff – reduce the likelihood of errors, and show clients, regulators, and courts that you have made a serious effort to keep your staff compliant.
  • Content to help improve business practices including procedures, guidelines, and sample documents to help your employees to produce better-educated decisions.
  • Discounted CLE rates for members on topics that are relevant in our industry.

Jay Winston, president of CCEF, is available to members for non-legal business and educational concerns and requests – if a member runs into a specific problem that Jay can address, he will share it with the rest of the membership.

Jay Winston is the author of a treatise cited by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Complete Guide to Credit & Collection Law, updated yearly, published by Aspen Publishers.

For much less than the cost of most trade organizations, your business or firm can join CCEF and gain concrete benefits that will maximize your business' long-term profitability and everyday productivity.
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